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I Love Real Estate! The rush of handing over the keys to someone that worked so hard to be able to buy a home. To be a part of that joy, is awesome! I can tell you about “How and What” I can do for you, and so can a lot of my peers. Let me tell you, I do it all, and I am great at it. But I want my clients and people reading this profile to know “Why”, I do this. I love it. I love the overwhelming tingling sensation when my clients and I walk into a home, and there is a distinct feeling of “Yes! This is it.” and we all are having it. It is awesome! Or when I am selling your home, keeping our focus on the goal, and holding true to our principles, and seeing it pay off in the sell.

If you work with me, it honors me, because you are welcoming me into your process of being part of something momentous. That immensity of gratitude comes from us building an investment portfolio, or buying your first home. That love I have for real estate drives me to be on top of my game, in staying educated, and gaining accreditation. Then forwarding my expertise to my clients, in application. For 8 years I have specialized in distressed real estate. I stood on the front lines of the real estate fall out, negotiating on behalf of people loosing everything, and making sure they weren’t taken advantage of. It is hard and emotional, and it is my privilege, because I like to use my knowledge and expertise for accountability, not excuses.

In working with me, you’ll find extensive knowledge, know how, and Passion! That is why I love real estate, and why I want to be your Real Estate Broker.

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address12345 8th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98125
state license #94162

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Champions Real Estate Services
12345 8th Ave NE #201
Seattle, Wa 98125

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Certified Foreclosure Specialist; Certified Foreclosure Analyst; Certified Short Sale Negotiator; Certified Bank Owned Property Specialist; Certified BPO Specialist; and Certified Negotiation Expert



As a real estate developer, builder and investor for almost 20 years, I am extremely opinionated when it comes to hiring real estate services for my own benefit. When looking for a property to buy in Seattle, we were fortunate to come across Nova. His deep… (more)


I have bought several homes with Nova. He knows the areas he works in really well and can process all different kinds of deals. He is also good at narrowing down the search after a time or two out looking at different houses in different neighborhoods.

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